Gesangsunterricht classical | Jazz | Pop - Spractherapie in Salzburg Stadt und Oberndorf


Soprano and jazz vocalist Maria Rouka is a vocal instructor and founder of ” Find Your Unique Voice Technique”. She has been teaching classical and contemporary singing, jazz, musical, ... Weiterlesen orthophony, melodrama art and yoga for singers for 10 years. She works as a voice trainer (voice / speech therapy and voice positioning) in drama/theater schools also. SPEAK BREATHE SING lessons VOICE THERAPY / ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE / YOGA FOR SINGERS The teacher has the ability to teach in the city of Salzburg at your place or in her studio in Oberndorf. Language of instruction: German, English After all where the language ends ..the music begins. Please Contact me to ask for more information : telef: [Von ProntoPro versteckt]. Maria Rouka, soprano, vocal coach CCM [Von ProntoPro versteckt]


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Oberndorf (Salzburg)